Start of the season 2023-2024

Dear members and parents of youth members, dear {name},


The new fencing season 2023-2024 starts on Monday 28-08-2023. The board hopes to see you all at the usual times.


It will be an eventful year in several respects:

  • We will have to find a new location in consultation with MaastrichtSport.
    Sportshall de Heeg will be demolished in mid-2024.

  • We have to look for a new chairman because Lotte Eerdekens is leaving our association (per next GMM).

  • This year we are working on the new/adjusted statutes. For this we will consult the members through an extraordinary General Meeting of Members. This meeting is held on a Monday evening from 20:15 - 20:30.
    Every member or parent of youth members is requested to attend. We must have at least two thirds of the members present to approve the Internal Rulings before going to the notary to pass the accepted Internal Rulings.
    You will receive the draft articles of association and Internal Regulations as soon as possible after the date of the meeting has been determined.

The minutes of last GMM still need to be approved, but the contributions below are already final.


Indexed contributions as of 01-01-2024:


Youth :  € 22.80 per month

Adults : € 28.50 per month


The contributions for the KNAS are still unknown.



Frans Hoeberechts

Sluizerbank 13

6213 JZ  Maastricht

+31 (0)6 24 71 68 90