Buying Fencing Equipment

Fencing has the reputation to be a very expensive sport but that is only partially true. Fencing equipment is pricey in first acquirement but the gear lasts very long due to quality. If you do not grow in any direction any more your equipment will last over a decade.
What to consider?
Buying a equipment you have to consider a few things. Do not to have to buy all at ones. The club can lend you some gear but expects you to collect your own gear in a reasonable time.
Considering the price of equipment choices can be made based on age and training intensity,
Considering quality and safety:
There are main qualities fencing equipment: "Training quality (CE 350N)" and Tournament qualityCE: 350N)"and "competition quality FIE (CE2: 800/1600NCE2: 800/1600N)". The difference between these two depends on the amount of Newton pressure (ie. force) a piece of equipment can withstand. The training quality is cheaper and less strong, the competition quality is stronger and more expensive. 
Our general advice is for children (U12) that do not participate in tournaments but only at club trainings to buy CE-quality. Because in general they are not heavy or strong that quality is suffice and considering their rate of growth it is more affordable to buy cheaper gear. Children (U12) that do not enter competition, to buy CE-quality, because that quality is suffice.
In case of adults or children entering competitions we advise to buy CE2 equipment.
Where to buy?
There are a couple of big and great manufacturers o fencing equipment (Ulhmann, Allstar, Leon Paul & PBT). The difference in these manufacturers boils down to fitment or thicker/thinner fabrics but not in safety.
There are plenty of vendors in the Netherlands and abroad. At La Rapière we have good experiences with Lieffertz from Cologne
They offer 10% discount on Allstar & Uhlmann gear.

Clothes sizes:

Via this link you can download a size table to order online: Allstar, Uhlmann.


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