Create an account with Nahouw

Nahouw is a website for which you have to set up an account. This is done based on your KNAS account.

Go to and select "Aanmelden" on the left side of the screen. Usually that is the home screen.

Select the option: Inloggen met OnzeRelaties for KNAS (Log in).
The next screen looks like this:

Select "inloggen"

If you are still logged in to the KNAS site, you will immediately go to the site.
If you are not logged in to the KNAS site, you must enter the details in the screen below:

You will end up on a site that looks something like this.

As the most important option, choose “Zoekagenten" / Search agents. There you can Add a search agent in the right column.
You can enter for which age category, weapon and country you would like to receive competition data.

For example, you can fill this in like this:


If you have any questions, you know where to find me!

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