Nieuwe wedstrijdsecretaris

Het bestuur is blij om te melden dat wij per 28-01-2024 Jochem Derksen hebben kunnen strikken als wedstrijdsecretaris. Hij volgt hiermee Frans Hoeberechts op.



Via de ‘handle’ “” zullen we onze informatie ook via gaan uiten/’tooten’.

U kunt volger op Mastodon worden om snel van de laatste nieuwstjes op de hoogte gebracht te worden.

De stille hoop is dat we na enige tijd Whatsapp kunnen afsluiten.

Agenda GMM 2022

On Monday 21 April (Easter Monday), the board wants to account for the policy pursued since 1-4-2019 during the ALV 2022.

  • walk in starting 19:00h
  • Start 19:00h
  • Closing (at the latest) 22:00
  • after-party

The agenda for this meeting is provisionally set as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Quorum determination
  • Opening meeting
  • Cancellations
  • Minutes GMM 2020
  • Minutes GMM 2021
  • Accountability of the chairman's policy
  • Report Secretary
  • Repot Treasurer
  • Report Cash Control Committee
  • Contribution increase proposal
  • Retirement schedule
  • Election of new board member
  • Any other business / Wttk

Careful restart proves false start.

The careful commence proved to be a false start. Recommencing December 7, 2020 was the last time we were to fence in 2020.

In January 2021 we hope to make a proper restart to leave the COVID-19 restrictions behind us.

Until then: Hold on/"Haw pin" a have a nice Holiday season.

Careful restart for the Youth.

Commencing on Monday December 6 we can start to fence again with the Youth.

Based on recommendations/demands by Government, KNAS & local government the youth (Under 18) can start fencing again in consideration of the following:

  • Stay home with fever and other mild complaints that make you think of COVID-19
  • Wash hands frequently and disinfect your gear.
  • Keep distance if you're not fencing (and even more if you do!)
  • Ware a mask while entering the venue. You may take off your face mask while sporting.
  • Parents/coaches may not sit on the tribune.
  • Leaving the venue you ware your until you left the building.
  • Giel Hamelers will be the prevalent instructor. Frans will be keeping overview.

As long as it goes, we can start fencing again. The competition group can stay until 20:30h.

COVID-19 measures from 13 October

On October 13, the cabinet decided to announce stricter measures to 'store' coronavirus. Both NOC * NSF, Knas, MaastrichtSportief have given advice to perform the measures within exercise.

Because it is very difficult or impossible to teach children in screens and to take account of the advice, the board has decided all screen activities for adults and youth until December 1, 2020 to stop.

The board hopes that the national measures are relieved again around that time and that it will be safe to meet in the sports hall again.

Stay healthy!haw pin‘!

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