Fencing group 'La Rapière' is a fencing club in Maastricht for young and old and membership is available for all of you. Fencing is a healthy sport where rarely injuries occur, so if your physical condition has been better in the past you can participate in good faith. If neccesary a adapted program can be offered.

Membership fees

Voor jeugdleden (<18 jaar) bedraagt de contributie € 20,- per maand.
Voor seniorleden (>17 jaar) bedraagt de contributie € 25,- per maand.

Membership of the Dutch Fencing Federation (KNAS) is compulsory. This will be collected early in the year.
De KNAS-contributie bedraagt in 2022:

  • <21 jaar: € 30,80
  • >20 jaar: € 61,60

The membership fees will automatically collected per month.


After your application the board will decide to honour your request.

By completion of the application form you will have to confirm receiving the Internal Rules (in Dutch)

The Internal Rules is presented here .
The club charter is presented here .

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