Fencing is an Olympic combat sport that revolves around strategy, tactics, speed and reaction time. It is the art of “hitting without being hit” and therefore forces the fencer to be fast, smart and agile. Physically, a fencer must develop himself all-round; endurance, strength, explosiveness and flexibility are all equally important. In addition, you develop excellent hand-eye coordination, train your observation skills and willpower and resilience are also very important. Does all this appeal to you and do you want to outsmart your opponent in a fair fight? Then fencing is for you.

Fencing is a very healthy sport with rarely injuries and suitable for young and old. At La Rapière Everyone from 8 to 80 is welcome and we have a suitable program for everyone. Is fencing purely for fun or to maintain your fitness? Then our Monday training is the right place. Are you competitive? You are also very welcome to join us and there is the option to train several times a week and we will accompany you to competitions. La Rapière is iedereen van 8 tot 80 welkom en voor iedereen hebben we een geschikt programma. Is het schermen puur voor de lol of om je conditie op peil te houden? Dan is onze maandagtraining de juiste plek. Ben je competitief ingesteld? Ook dan ben je bij ons van harte welkom en bestaat er de mogelijkheid om meerdere keren per week te trainen en zullen we je begeleiden naar wedstrijden.

But in addition to being healthy and educational, fencing is of course also a lot of fun. You can participate in fun club activities, enjoy our fun training sessions and master a completely new skill.

If you are interested in the history of fencing, the rules of the sport or the different weapons, you will find (almost) everything you want to know in this section of our site.

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